Mechanical fastener PWS-1 - for joining all types of rubber-fabric conveyor belts with strength characteristics from 500 kN / m and thickness from 10 mm. It is an alternative method for joining the ends of the tape by hot vulcanization and gluing.
The main competitive advantages of PWS-1 are:
• High quality and reliability of the butt joint;
• Low cost of repair of a butt joint;
• High speed of installation;
• The conveyor is ready for operation immediately after installation.



  • PWS-1 - PWS
    Thickness of the tape
    < 10 mm
  • PWS-1 - PWS
    < 500kN/m
  • PWS-1 - PWS
    Any tape size
    < 50 cm
  • PWS-1 - PWS
    Damage type
    and repair


  • Upper plate
    200 pcs
  • Bottom plate
    200 pcs
  • Screw
    200 pcs
  • Bit
    1 pc


Stitching with the PWS-1 fastener is much cheaper, simpler and much less costly and time-consuming than other types of connection.

The stitching made by this fastener does not destroy the scrapers and cleaners, and also does not cause damage to the main rollers, drive and tension drums, including those lined with rubber.

Fastener PWS-1 is a leader in sales for joining tape transverse breaks. In most cases, companies refuse to repair rubber-fabric conveyor belts by hot and cold vulcanization because of their high cost and time-consuming, and switch to repairing transverse ruptures using PWS-1 mechanical fasteners . This is due to the fact that the service life of the butt joint when repairing the transverse joint of the tape using the PWS-1 fastener is comparable to the service life of the tape itself, and the cost of repair is much lower and does not require much time.

This type of fastener must be positioned on the market as an effective solution for the repair and joining of transverse tears of medium and heavily loaded rubber-fabric conveyor belts. PWS-1 successfully replaces hot and cold vulcanization, and also significantly outperforms all known mechanical fasteners .