“Odesa Coal Company” is one of the best companies of Ukraine of 2022
The list of the best Ukrainian companies was published and our company, producing mechanical fasteners PWS, is included in it too. “Odesa Coal Company” became a leader of a production sector of our country. Recognition of the merits is always pleasant, especially when it is performed by independent experts. The obtained award is a perfect […]
Conveyor Belt Repairs: Their types and Ways of Fastening
Taking into consideration the meaning of conveyors for ensuring continuous production, quick repairs of conveyor belts becomes a competitive advantage. Three main methods of restoring the work of transporters: mechanical fastening, hot vulcanization and cold vulcanization, each type of repairs has its advantages and disadvantages. As rubber, rubber-fabric and rubber-cable belts are mostly used, we […]
Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems: Types and Peculiarities
The advantages of mechanical fasteners for a conveyor belt were highly evaluated in the most complicated parts, splicing of conveyor belts by means of hot or cold vulcanization causes many difficulties. We can speak about complicated technology, quality and it will be impossible to quickly fasten the conveyor belt as the downtime will last for […]