About the company

The private enterprise “Odessa Coal Company” was founded in 2006 and is an exclusive Ukrainian manufacturer.

Our company has developed, manufactures and markets innovative, cost-effective, fast and easy-to-install mechanical PWS fasteners for the repair of medium and heavy-duty fabric rubber conveyor belts.

About the company - PWS Founded
in 2006
About the company - PWS Trademark
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is patented
About the company - PWS

PWS fasteners have been successfully tested at the largest mines, mining and processing plants, metallurgical plants, quarries, port terminals, as a result of which they were recognized as the best invention not only by the company’s management, but also, which is very important, by the mechanics responsible for joining and repairing conveyor belts.

These tests and excellent results have confirmed our confidence that PWS fasteners are the best solution compared to all existing types of mechanical fasteners. They meet such important criteria as:

  • High quality and reliability of the butt joint;
  • Duration of operation of the repair butt joint;
  • Fast and easy installation;
  • Low cost of butt joint.

The main advantage is convenience and ease of installation. There are no difficulties in the process of stitching tapes. In addition, a high speed of installation is noted, which does not require highly qualified training and maintenance of specialized teams for the production and repair of tapes. The repair process does not require special premises and equipment. Also, installation can be carried out in various temperature and weather conditions.

Stitching the belts by PWS fasteners provides:


  • strength of the butt joint – durability in operation allows using the belt throughout its entire service life;
  • maintainability of the butt joint, if during operation one element breaks down, it is easy to replace it;
  • repair of ruptures, cuts, holes;
  • repair of tapes that have been in operation for a long time;
  • silent operation of the conveyor, while not damaging the rollers of the roller supports and drums;
  • guarantees safety during the installation of the butt joint;
  • affordable and low cost of the assembly tool.

The simplicity and speed of manufacturing a butt joint using PWS-1, PWS OPTIMA, PWS-OPTIMA Mini, PWS-OPTIMA PLUS, PWS-OPTIMA PLUS Mini saves downtime and increases productivity.

Our History:

  • 2013
    The first PWS fastener for joining rubber-fabric conveyor belts was manufactured
  • 2014
    The first patent for an invention was received
  • 2015
    6 patents were received as an invention for fasteners and the PWS Trademark was registered.
  • 2015
    First export of fasteners.
  • 2019
    1 million units sold.
  • 2020-2021
    Development of a new type of exclusive hinge fasteners.