Solid plate mechanical fasteners


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The «PWS OPTIMA»,«PWS OPTIMA Mini» kit includes:
Screw – 50 pcs. or 100 pieces.
Mallet torx– 1 pcs.
 Quick installation, low price, safe mounting, sufficient durability and operating reliability of these fasteners serve as a firm foundation for their successful application.
«PWS OPTIMA». This fastener type is for repairing longitudinal cuts of all kinds of conveyor belts. Depending on the character of the belt cut, two types of fastener sizes are used. They differ from each other due to changing the distances between the axis screws of each fastener. The durability of the fasteners is provided by forcing two plates together by means of high strength bolts. 
«PWS OPTIMA» и «PWS OPTIMA PLUS» being the alternatives of the foreign analog fasteners are safe in mounting and much more economic.




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