Invention - a mechanical connector for docking of the conveyor belt


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The PWS-1 kit includes:
Screw - 100 pcs. or 200 pieces.
Mallet torx - 1 pc.
Installation Instructions

Manual docking is indispensable when using conveyor belts for delivery of coal, ore and rock in mining and processing industry.

This development by Odessa Coal Company is designed as an improvement on PWS and is aimed at replacing ageing models of other mechanical connectors. Apart from improved quality characteristics, PWS-1 also offers price advantages when compared to other connectors of the same type.

Mechanical connector PWS 1 - for joining all types of rubber conveyor belts with the strength characteristics of 500kN / m and a thickness of 12 mm is alternative way of joining the ends of the tape with respect to the method of hot vulcanization and bonding.

PWS 1 has a high measure of the strength and reliability. high strength mechanical splices of rubber conveyor belts (60% of the strength of the tape) was established by testing samples of full-length joints conveyor belts strength of 1600kN / m. In conjunction with PWS 1.

PWS 1 fasteners are a new modification of PWS fasteners. Their novelty is characterized by a form and construct change of the upper plate – not square, but round with the intermittent reach-through holes and projections located at the same circumference.Such a fastener constriction ensures the reduction of the strains in the frame surfaces of the rubber-fabric belt all across the plates that strengthens the butt joint. This provides deeper penetration of the lower plate into the leading covering of the conveyor belt as a result of what the flatness of the conveyor belt leading covering in the butt joint segment is increased. This prevents damages of the pulleys and rolls of the conveyor. The reach-through holes in the upper part of the plate permit to control visually the sufficiency of the screw torque value, tightening the flights while mounting the fastener. PWS 1 usage increases the flatness of the carrying-side cover in the joint area. A significant difference in the constructs of the upper and the lower plates reduces fastener installment time in general.



  • convenient mounting due to the different constructs of the upper and lower plates;
  • new combination of the form and constructs of the upper and lower plates leads to deeper penetration of the lower plate into the leading covering of the rubber-fabric conveyor belt that reduces the unevenness of the conveyor belt surface and makes the damage of the pulleys and rolls of the conveyors minimal;
  • reach-through holes and projections in the upper plate of the fastener strengthens the butt joint;
  • new form and construct of the upper plate provides evenness of the caring-side cover in the butt joint segment that increases its cleaning efficiency;
  • highest tensile strength compared to any other connector of this type;
  • high speed of installation;
  • the conveyor is ready for use immediately after installation;
  • softer than any mechanical joint, does not destroy the lining of drums and cleaners;
  • maintainability, and long service life;
  • reliable operation in wet conditions;
  • does not require the purchase of expensive tools;
  • low cost per repaired joint;
  • can be assembled in all conditions and in any locations.

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